Friday, December 18, 2009

the dog who ruined christmas.

so i have five dogs.  i'm one of "those" people who buys christmas presents for their dogs.  and i wrap them.  and i put them under the tree.  my dogs have never bothered them until:

christmas caper 2009: the dog(s) who ruined christmas!

all was quiet in the house.  mardi and maddy were in my room with sugarplum fairies dancing in their heads.  shelby was sleeping peacefully with my dad, all snuggled up in the electric blanket.  that left two.  the less-than-dynamic duo.  abbie and sophie:

i was awakened by crunching.  lots of crunching.  i assumed that sophie was eating breakfast--she's a loud cruncher.

i was correct.  if you call breakfast one of their christmas presents.  i give you exhibit a: sophie, in the middle of the damage. (it's dark and hard to see because i had to take pics with my phone and forgot to turn the light on--sorry!)

exhibit b: 

note: the dog in the foreground has been found innocent of all charges.

i will give them this, they opened and ate their own present and left everyone else's (including the other dogs) alone.  though, they were interupted in the middle of their scheme.  exhibit c:

i watch sophie go up to the bag, take a treat out of it, then run waddle around the corner to eat it.  i grab the bag of treats.

exhibits d and e:

 i called my mom (who couldn't talk for laughing) and she confirmed that there are usually 9-10 treats per bag.  we had three left.

so on top of ruining their christmas, they will later have bellyaches that we will have to deal with. merry christmas to us.

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