Sunday, January 26, 2014

on book 5.

book 5 of 60: country of the pointed firs by sarah orne jewett

date started: 1.20.2014
date completed: 1.25.2014

while i don't generally enjoy american lit, i do have a soft spot for post-civil war american colorists.  sarah orne jewett intrigued me back in undergrad when i read a short story of hers.  this book did not disappoint.

it's a quiet text, serene and lovely.  jewett paints a beautiful landscape of the coast of maine.

while the plot here is quite unimportant (jewett focuses on creating the world and making the reader appreciate it), there is some substance.  the narrator's relationship with mrs. todd develops and strengthens over the course of the narrative, and it's quite nice to experience this friendship along with them.  

all in all, this is a quick, lovely read.

probable next read:  harry potter and the sorcerer's stone by j.k. rowling (my first re-read of the year!)

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