Friday, January 31, 2014

on book 6.

book 6 of 60: love is a dog from hell by charles bukowski

date started: 1.12.2014
date completed: 1.30.2014

i'm a poetry snob, and you should know that right away.  i studied the classics--everything from homer and virgil--up through the greats of the renaissance like wyatt, spenser, and sydney.  i have a soft spot for metaphysical poets like donne and for whitman.  poetry is something i revere and cling to.

bukowski is a terrible, brilliant poet.  i want to hate him for the terrible things he does to verse, but i just find myself intoxicated with the solid reality of his poems.  his bitterness and condemnation of love and life are--well--awesome.

i want to hate this type of poetry because it flies in the face of all the poets i have studied, loved, and respected, but i kind of love this, too.  and why not?  at the very least, it's good fun.

probable next read:  BZRK by michael grant

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